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for Tuvalu

Tuvalu has met the criteria for graduation at more than two consecutive triennial reviews of the Committee for Development Policy. In 2018 ECOSOC deferred a decision on graduation to 2021.

Tuvalu meets the gross national income and human assets index thresholds, but not the economic vulnerability threshold, as shown in the diagrams below.

Gross national income (GNI) per capita*

Value: $ 5,388


Inclusion: $ 1,025
Graduation: $ 1,230
Income-only: $ 2,460

Human assets index (HAI)*

Value: 90.7


Inclusion: 62 or below
Graduation: 66 or above

HAI indicators*

Under-five mortality rate
Value: 25.3
Index: 90.7
Source: UN IAG for Child Mortality Estimation
Gross secondary school enrolment ratio
Value: 86.2
Index: 84.6
Source: UNESCO
Percentage of population undernourished
Value: 10.0
Index: 91.7
Source: FAO
Adult literacy rate
Value: 94.9
Index: 93.2
Source: UNDP
Maternal mortality rate
Value: 65
Index: 95.0
Source: UNDP

Economic vulnerability index (EVI)*

Value: 56.0


Inclusion: 36 or above
Graduation: 32 or below

EVI indicators*

Value: 11,097
Index: 100.0
Source: UN/DESA, Population Division
Share of population in low elevated coastal zones
Value: 94.7
Index: 100.0
Source: CIESIN
Value: 80.4
Index: 88.0
Source: CDP
Instability of exports of goods and services
Value: 10.4
Index: 17.9
Source: UN/DESA, Statistics Division
Merchandise export concentration
Value: 0.54
Index: 51.2
Source: UNCTAD
Victims of natural disasters
Value: 2.097
Index: 79.4
Source: EM-DAT
Share of agriculture, forestry and fishing in GDP
Value: 22.8
Index: 36.9
Source: UN/DESA, Statistics Division
Instability of agricultural production
Value: 1.7
Index: 0.9
Source: FAO