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for Myanmar

Myanmar met the graduation criteria for the first time in 2018. The Committee for Development Policy has deferred its decision on a recommendation to 2024.

Reports and resolutions

Myanmar meets all three graduation criteria, as shown in the diagrams below. * Data from the 2018 triennial review.

Gross national income (GNI) per capita*

Value: $ 1,255


Inclusion: $ 1,025
Graduation: $ 1,230
Income-only: $ 2,460

Human assets index (HAI)*

Value: 68.5


Inclusion: 62 or below
Graduation: 66 or above

HAI indicators*

Under-five mortality rate
Value: 50.8
Index: 75.3
Source: UN IAG for Child Mortality Estimation
Gross secondary school enrolment ratio
Value: 51.3
Index: 45.9
Source: UNESCO
Percentage of population undernourished
Value: 16.9
Index: 80.2
Source: FAO
Adult literacy rate
Value: 75.6
Index: 67.4
Source: UNESCO
Maternal mortality rate
Value: 178
Index: 85.5
Source: UN IAG for Maternal Mortality

Economic vulnerability index (EVI)*

Value: 31.7


Inclusion: 36 or above
Graduation: 32 or below

EVI indicators*

Value: 52,885,223
Index: 9.8
Source: UN/DESA, Population Division
Share of population in low elevated coastal zones
Value: 11.0
Index: 31.4
Source: CIESIN
Value: 42.1
Index: 40.1
Source: CDP
Instability of exports of goods and services
Value: 13.7
Index: 29.0
Source: UN/DESA, Statistics Division
Merchandise export concentration
Value: 0.35
Index: 29.8
Source: UNCTAD
Victims of natural disasters
Value: 0.626
Index: 63.5
Source: EM-DAT
Share of agriculture, forestry and fishing in GDP
Value: 26.6
Index: 43.4
Source: UN/DESA, Statistics Division
Instability of agricultural production
Value: 4.2
Index: 14.6
Source: FAO